About TNU

Welcome back to TNU

Tranz Network Uganda (TNU) is a network of persons and organizations that work with transgender and gender non-conforming persons.

TNU advocates for human rights and reaches out to transgender and gender non-conforming persons on all other issues.

We provide a safe and open space for all TGNC persons in Uganda, and our approach to membership is that members can be dual in nature, we are not strict and members are not required to fit in any gender binary.

We see ourselves as an important player that can inform policies, implement interventions on the health and human rights of Ugandans who are gender non-conforming, since we ourselves are among those same constituents

We also foster collaboration and coordination amongst other members and stakeholders as we work collectively to advocate for the promotion and protection of the rights of TGNC persons in Uganda.

The network is also legally registered as a company limited by guarantee as Tranz Network Uganda Limited (TNU).